Try A New Challenge: TRX for Beginners

trxTRX bands have been popping up in more and more gyms around the world. You would be hard pressed to find a gym these days without them, especially in the States. That is because the TRX bands offer a way to train, stretch, and increase muscle and flexibility all in one, with your own body weight. Very little equipment required! TRX is such an effective workout tool because it offers full range of motion, and can allow you to do stretches or exercises with strength and pressure without the worry of heavy weights or a spotter. There are so many variations with TRX bands, from pilates to fallen muscle training.

TRX is a great way to change it up in the gym and we’ve found a fantastic introductory program from BodyFit by Amy, showing off some basic moves to start you on your TRX journey. Try it out and feel the burn!

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