Fight Back Against ‘Back Fat’

Recently, one of my friends and gym buddies Jen, has been asking me about how to tone up one specific area that she seems to have been struggling with. That is the area around the back of the bra strap, or what’s maliciously known as the area we keep our ‘back fat’.

This region of the mid-upper back is extremely hard to tone up, especially for women who don’t have the same sized muscles as men in the upper body. A woman, like my friend Jen, can be extremely fit but still have trouble finishing off the fluff around the back. So I went on a mission, talking to some trainer friends and researching online the best way to get over that final hurdle.

I found the perfect combination of four classic moves to fight ‘back fat’ and no one explained it better than trainer Amy Jo with Athlean-XX for Women.

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